Annotated bibliography of hazard and flood-related articles

Lindell, M. K., and Perry, R. W., 1992: Behavioral foundations of community emergency planning. Hemisphere, Washington, D.C.

This book centers on the integration of research on preparedness and response to emergencies. It focuses on three major themes. The first major theme is directed primarily at local emergency planners and managers and discusses emergency planning and response at the community level. The second theme stresses the importance of preparedness and the recognition that being prepared does not solely mean an emergency plan is in place. Rather, there are many more steps that are required before a community is prepared for a hazardous event. Lastly, the third theme discusses emergency response functions and strategies that could potentially be useful for a number of hazards and a wide range of people. Disasters greatly affect communities and better understanding the processes and applications that could lessen their effects is crucial.


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