Annotated bibliography of hazard and flood-related articles

Morss, R.E., O.V. Wilhelmi, M.W. Downtown, and E. Gruntfest, 2005: Flood risk, uncertainty, and scientific information for decision making: Lessons from and interdisciplinary project. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 85 (11), 1593-1601.

This paper integrates a variety of researchers including climatologists, hydrologists, engineers, and planners. The aim of the study is to better understand climate change, uncertainty, and hydrometeorology in regards to decision making during floods in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Front range urban corridor. Lessons learned are presented after meeting with various scientists and planners to identify the challenges that are present in flood information and management in the face of societal uncertainty. The researchers work is brought to an end by proposing an “end to end” approach to scientific research that incorporates society’s needs and preferences. This idea has branched out significantly since the publishing of this paper.


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