Annotated Bibliography of Hazard and Flood-Related Articles

Phillips, B.D. and B.H. Morrow, 2007: Social science research needs: Focus on vulnerable populations, forecasting, and warnings. Natural Hazards Review, 8 (3), 61-68.

This paper evaluates social science research findings on the topic of vulnerable populations and warning forecasts. The authors term populations that are potentially more vulnerable...

Zaalberg, R., C. Midden, A. Meijnders, T. McCalley, 2009: Prevention, Adaptation, and Threat Denial: Flooding Experiences in the Netherlands. Risk Analysis. 29:1759-1778.

The main objective of this study was to better understand if previous flood experience by residents in the Netherlands led to more effective coping mechanisms...

Keogh, D.U., A. Armando, S. Mushtaq, D. King, and M. Thomas, 2011: Resilience, vulnerability and adaptive capacity of an inland rural town prone to flooding: a climate change adaptation case study of Charleville, Queensland, Australia. Natural Hazards, 59, 699-723.

Hydrometeorological disasters, most notably floods, account for the majority of economic and livelihood losses in Australia. The objective of this study was to assess the...


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