Annotated Bibliography of Hazard and Flood-Related Articles

Ruin, I., J.C. Gaillard, and C. Lutoff, 2007: How to get there? Assessing motorists’ flash flood risk perception on daily itineraries. Environmental Hazards, 7, 235-244.

Flash floods are particularly dangerous for motorists for a variety of reasons, making it difficult for motorists to perceive their risk associated with a flood....

Haynes, K., L. Coates, R. Leigh, J. Handmer, J. Whittaker, A. Gissing, J. Mcaneney, and S. Opper, 2009: ‘Shelter-in-place’ vs. evacuation in flash floods. Environmental Hazards, 8(4), 291-303.

Evacuation remains the leading action recommended throughout the literature on flash floods. However, this paper argues that sheltering-in-place may in fact lead to fewer deaths...

Drobot, S.D., C. Benight, and E.C. Gruntfest, 2007: Risk factors associated with driving through flooded roads. Environmental Hazards, 7:227-234.

The objective of this paper is to assess the social factors that affect whether or not an individual will drive through a flooded road. Surprisingly,...


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