Annotated Bibliography of Hazard and Flood-Related Articles

Spiegel, J.P., 1957: The English flood of 1953. Human Organization, 16(2), 3-5.

This ethnographic study discusses the situation of a town that was affected by a flash flood in England prior to the impact, during the impact,...

Mileti, D. S., and J. H. Sorenson, 1990: Communication of emergency public warnings: A social science perspective and state of-the-art assessment. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Rep. ORNL-6609, 145 pp.

This assessment compiles major findings from over 200 studies on warning systems and warning response. This extensive literature review discusses several main findings. First, how...

National Weather Service, Service Assessment. “Southeast United States Floods, September 18-23, 2009.” May, 2010.

In September 2009, flash flood and areal flooding covered areas of Georgia, Alabama, and southeastern Tennessee after rainfall in the regions totaled 5-7 inches. These...


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