Annotated Bibliography of Hazard and Flood-Related Articles

Ruin, I., J.D. Creutin, S. Anquetin, and C. Lutoff, 2008: Human exposure to flash floods – Relation between flood parameters and human vulnerability during a storm of September 2002 in Southern France. Journal of Hydrology, 361(1-2), 199-213.

The objective of this paper is to better understand the physical and human factors that contribute to flood casualties in a flood in the Gard...

Morss, R.E., O.V. Wilhelmi, M.W. Downtown, and E. Gruntfest, 2005: Flood risk, uncertainty, and scientific information for decision making: Lessons from and interdisciplinary project. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 85 (11), 1593-1601.

This paper integrates a variety of researchers including climatologists, hydrologists, engineers, and planners. The aim of the study is to better understand climate change, uncertainty,...

Morss, R.E., 2010: Interactions among flood predictions, decisions, and outcomes: Synthesis of three cases. Natural Hazards Review, 11(3), 83-96.

The aim of this paper is to showcase the importance of hydrometeorological predictions in the decision making process during floods. Flood forecasts are beneficial to...

Carsell, K.M., N.D. Pingel, and D.T. Ford, 2004: Quantifying the benefit of a flood warning system. Natural Hazards Review, 5(3), 131-140.

This paper describes a flood warning system that increases the mitigation time before the onset of a flood. This flood warning system consists of “hardware,...


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