Reports and Findings

Findings from Nurture Nature Center’s social science research studies are designed to be used by National Weather Service, emergency managers and others to improve communication during flooding events.


Flood Risk and Uncertainty: Using NWS flood forecast products

Flood Risk and Uncertainty social science study (for Emergency Management audiences)

Flood Risk and Uncertainty Social Science Study: Findings (for NOAA/NWS audiences)


NNC’s riverine study, “Flood Risk and Uncertainty: Assessing NWS Forecast and Warning Tools” has been completed and a final report is available here:


Findings from this study include recommendations for how NWS can revise its various river flood forecast products so they are easier to use and understand, and more likely to motivate people to take protective actions during a flood event.  The study also shares findings about how people like to receive and share flood risk information. A series of three short videos will be posted on this page in spring 2015, which will summarize findings for NOAA/NWS, emergency manager, and public audiences.


NNC’s coastal study, “They had the facts, why didn’t they act?: Understanding and improving public response to National Weather Service’s coastal flood forecasts” has been completed and is available here:

Findings from this study include how the timing, the verbal and graphic clarity of information, and the inclusion of uncertainty information affect the public’s understanding of, and response to, coastal storms and flooding.  In particular, the report speaks to the use of emergency briefing packages as an important, integrated, and simplified mechanism for receiving coastal storm information.


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